Air Duct Burners : RS 28-38-50 VA


The new Riello Burners RS 28-38-50 VA series of air duct burners with
dedicated fan has been designed for the installation in direct air heating
systems with medium-low temperature levels, as the ones adopted in
spray booths.

These burners are particularly suitable for situations of :

  • Elevated re-circulation The correct quantity of combustion air is guaranteed thanks to the built-in fan.
  • High air delivery variability The dedicated fan ensures that the surface of the combustion head is always in contact with a steady air flow, to guarantee the optimum mixture for the combustion in each part of the combustion head
  • Presence of impurities in the air to be treated The protection of the combustion head from the primary air flow avoids the settlement of impurities on the combustion module, granting long-lasting operation efficiency

Firing Rates